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  1. It's global servers now, so you have everyone mixed into one servers. And no, it's not russian server there is just a majority of russian player compared to US/E
  2. There is only one server now based in Amsterdam - the three previous servers were combined (EU, RU and NA
  3. Nothing will change for the former European and North American server players who are using the My.com Game Center to enter the game. As for the Russian players, they will also have such bonuses as a part of the events such as the recent Colonel Voropaev Training Camp. The developers are considering implementing the My.com system to the Russian Game Center
  4. OE/My.Com could provide a server transfer, afterall these are only 1's and 0's and they can be programmed as the coders see fit. The real answer here is they won't. For a long time I supported that approach, but I fear that dogma has overtaken reason at the decision making level of management within My.Com. The NA player pop is now at the point that all options need to be considered - that fact that a form of server migration is a part of other MMO's - MWO for example, proves.
  5. **ANNOUNCING ARMORED WARFARE** We're thrilled to announce Armored Warfare, a new free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in control of some of the most incredible, modern destructive machines to grace a battlefield. Drive modern tanks, armored vehicles and more

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Maybe not the best method, but it works for me As a PS4 player, I am annoyed that my version was left behind in the whirlwind that hit the development team change. While I do have my fun, I think it is time for an ultimatum. Either someone needs to push huge update out to bring consoles up to PC levels or the console servers need to be shut down. The developers are basically making money off of people who don't realize the game is.

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LIVE Armored Warfare: Проект Армата Euro Server https://discord.gg/QPnHuAX Самое Большое Сообщество U.N.E.X. Express Выживших после вируса. First gameplay twitch stream on Eu server grinding my way to the Chieftain. Learn to handle the Scorpion and get my hand on the T-62 -- Watch live at http://.. Mi twitter:https://twitter.com/M0bius6Si os gusta el contenido ya sabéis Like, Suscribiros, Comentad y para FavoritosCanales y paginas de interés:https://www..

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  1. So I would suggest jumping in to about 1:30 of the video to skip the part where I'm joining the first match. I'm no good at this whole, making videos thing
  2. Armored Warfare. 65. (2015) Armored Warfare is a free-to-play, tactical tank combat MMO that is set in the modern day, with a high level of realism. Expand your fleet of military vehicles and wage war across various unique terrains. Control more than a hundred types of vehicles that are divided into different classes
  3. Server Browser Favorites History Missions Community Missions Find or Create Platoon =MBT= Armored Warfare | Large Scale Battles. View full Server Browser Paracel Storm • Conquest Large • Players. Ping. Preset. Type. Tick rate. Experience. 0 / 64 Commanders 0 / 2 - ms. Normal. Official. 60 Hz. LARGE SCALE BATTLES. Map rotation. Zavod 311 Conquest Large Golmud Railway Conquest Large Paracel.
  4. g tournaments. No posts here yet; Vehicles in Armored Warfare. Sol Schreiber. All vehicles from this dealer. No posts here yet; Sophie Wölfli. All vehicles from this dealer. 2 posts. M41 Walker Bulldog; By HRDSTL, Tuesday at 11:33 AM; Marat Shishkin. All.
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  6. Is there a way to change server settings? I get 300-400 ping on European and Russian servers and I'd rather play on US or Asian Servers

(If you want to run Armored Warfare in steam and have the overlay and display what you are playing) Step 6: Go to your steam library and select Add a Non-Steam Game Step 7: Navigate to your My.com Launcher. Step 8: Name it whatever you like, (ex. Armored Warfare (Legacy)) [Pro Tip] : If you don't wish to ever be able to launch the game in Steam, right click Armored Warfare and click Set. so i just got this game and im forced into russian servers and i looked around but couldnt find a setting to change to us or eu servers so like how do i change it

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=mbt= armored warfare | range hours: 9am - midnight pt. region north america - united states punkbuster on fairfight on password off allow public spectators 0 team ticket count % 100 kick idle enable percentage 22 gun master weapons preset 0 new players server off reload full mags off 3p vehicle cam on show enemy name tags on ticket bleed rate 100 time limit 100. Armored Warfare developers were aware that the Platinum crates lacked excitement for players and the too-frequent drops to the point that frequent players were swimming in boxes. Thus, players can expect some big changes in the loot system when the Balance 2.0 update is deployed. To address these issues, the number of crate tiers will be reduced from five to three with Bronze and Steel. Our PTS server opens up on 7th of February! What are you most looking forward to testing? Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. See more of Armored Warfare on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Armored Warfare on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. This page features a full list of playable vehicles featured in Armored Warfare. 1 Main Battle Tanks 2 Armored Fighting Vehicles 3 Light Tanks 4 Tank Destroyers 5 Self-Propelled Gun ABOUT Armored Warfare CHEAT. PLAY AS LEGIT AS YOU CAN, BECAUSE OBVIOUS CHEATING MAY LEAD TO MANUAL BAN ===== Supported version of the game:by Official launcher (only x64) Supported game mode:Fullscreen or the windowed Supported anti cheats: Ingame Supported CPU : All Supported invisibility on video or screenshots :No ===== Functions: ===== ESP: Enemy Laser / Show lasers of the direction of.

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Those that are interested in trying out Armored Warfare's upcoming 15v15 PvPvE mode, Global Operations, can now do so on the Public Test Server.Global Operations is an effort to introduce large scale, dynamic battles in which players can respawn and primary objectives can change 1. Open Armored Warfare page in My.gamesGame Center. 2. Press green arrow near Play button and choose Collect diagnostic data. 3. Press Start button in window appeared and wait till process is finished. Folder with generated archive will be opened automatically. Attach screenshots and archive with diagnostic data to your request Neuer Spielmodus für Armored Warfare Nun kannst du die Panzerschlachten aus Armored Warfare auf eine ganz neue Art erleben, denn der Spielmodus Lords of War bringt einige interessante Features. Bei Armored Warfare aus dem Hause Obsidian Entertainment handelt es sich um ein MMO-artiges free to play-Spiel rund um Panzerschlachten American Dad! Apocalypse Soon. Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare PlayStatio

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Overview. Armored Warfare Overview. Armored Warfare is a realistic, modern day, tactical military game with a strong emphasis on realism. The game was definitely inspired by the success of World of Tanks, but unlike World of Tanks, Armored Warfare is set in modern times.Players will wage war across various unique terrains from deserts to forests to frigid icelands Purchasing Gold can be done via in-game or on our Armored Warfare homepage. The Purchase Gold screen will display the name of the account you've logged into and the current Gold offers and amounts. Select the appropriate package you'd like to buy and verify the proper server is selected: Billing Payment Details: Select the package you'd like to purchase and the payment method that's. Armored Warfare is a free-to-play MMO military video game that brings tank genre to the next level. Control your modern tank or armored fighting vehicle. Choose co-op missions, PvP battles or even hybrid battle modes. Attack and dominate war theaters ranging from deserts to cities, and crush the enemies on the modern battlefield! Watch video. Get your starter pack now! Buy now Starter Pack. Richard Taylor (chief developer of Armored Warfare) explained how the developers had a look at such a proposal and why they decided to use the current linear dealer system instead Currently the progression curve is longer than in World of Tanks or War Thunder but the numbers are temporary and it is possible they will change (We don't want to inflict painful grinds on players) It's. Armored Warfare uses CryENGINE 3 technology, which ensures the feeling of complete immersion in the game. See the glare in the crosshairs, the spray from water hazards, drops of rain shrouding the enemy, smoking ruins and other obstacles - step into a virtual world that is in no way inferior to reality! Large-scale battles. Engage in challenging, fast-paced player versus player combat.

Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in control of modern tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare features stunning visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete. Obsidian Entertainment und My.com haben das Update 0.18 für Armored Warfare veröffentlicht (Change-Log). Es umfasst u.a. den Modus Globale Operationen, der PvE (Sp

I am eager to try out Armored Warfare and hope it wont have such a nonsense, ommitting crucial assets of tanks, no matter if it is Leo 2 or T90 and making some universal animations/dm models/driving models and other things and simply apply it to all tanks. That would be like playing a one tank with so many skins I sent them the info they requested, and, as stated, they claimed my driver was outdated and could not run Armored Warfare, which is total mumbo jumbo, as it ran fine before, and I can STILL PLAY WORLD OF TANKS AS IT IS!!!! I would love to play Armored Warfare again, and get the T14 Armata when it comes out!!! Any help would be greatly. (Int: the test server had a patch yesterday and today, both roughly 380MB in size. I'll log on and see what's been changed.) FrankyMcShanky; 1 Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. Intumesce 1,695 Intumesce 1,695 AW Expert; Retired PP; 1,695 2,957 posts; Server: EU; Tanker Stats Oneechan. Battles: 11 Average Tier: 1.82. Recent WR 0%. Overall WR 36.36%. Recent WN 0. Overall WN 2345. Author. Startseite » Armored Warfare » Vorstellung des Armored Warfare PTS-Updates 0.8.1344 Vorstellung des Armored Warfare PTS-Updates 0.8.1344. Veröffentlicht am 26/08/2015 von H3nr1k2011 // 0 Kommentar Modern forum about the game Armored Warfare. The latest information about Armored Warfare in one place

Armored Patrol is a game made by Wingman8. The game is about two teams, Bright Red and Bright Blue, fighting for control of flags using military vehicles and equipment. The game has over 66.2 million place visits and over 730,000 favorites. Wingman8, the creator of Armored Patrol Armored Warfare: Global Server Launch. 3 years ago Harkonnen Armored Warfare next major update will bring a brand new feature: Premium Commanders, that players will be able to purchase... 1 min read. Armored Warfare Armored Warfare: Crew Changes in Development. 3 years ago Harkonnen . Armored Warfare is preparing a series of balancing changes to the Crew mechanism, that they hope will make.

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4 MBT Soviet Union Special N/A N/A Stats - Stock (Renowned) 550 3,559 310 mm 2,265 205/90/45 460/175/75 55.00 km/h 6.53 s 29.93 20% 400 m 0.14 -6.0 / -2.0 34.0 deg/s The T-72 Victory is a tier 4 Premium Main Battle Tank originating from the Soviet Union. It can be unlocked by completing a series of missions on the Russian Server. 1 Player Recommendations 1.1 Pros and Cons 1.1.1 Pros 1.1.2 Cons. Objective changes The reward for the following Objective: Win 150 missions in PvE mode on Hard difficulty with a Tier 7, 8 or 9 vehicle; was changed from 7 days of 25% boost to Credit and Reputation earnings to 7 days of 50% boost to Credit and Reputation earnings. Please note that the players, who already achieved this objective will.

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Armored Warfare: Artillery Development Update Earlier this year when Armored Warfare opened the first Alpha test server the players expressed their distaste for the Artillery mechanics by stating that it didn't presented anything new in comparison from other games. Well, Obsidian did listened to the community and they made a number of changes, please be aware that this change may not be. Warthunder has cross server play and now ARMORED WARFARE of all games is doing it. What excuse does Wargaming have again? I mean I know they are working hard on fixing the match maker and such things and all that, but they've had years before that to do this, and its not like it hasn't been a BIG thing itself for players Claim your FREE Armored Warfare gift, celebrating the launch of the Global Server. Available for a limited time only! $44.99. Armored Warfare - Marder 2 Apr 30, 2018. German Tier 8 Premium Armored Fighting Vehicle. $24.99. Armored Warfare - Sabra Mk .2 Apr 30, 2018 Armoured warfare or armored warfare (American English; see spelling differences), mechanised warfare or tank warfare is the use of armoured fighting vehicles in modern warfare.It is a major component of modern methods of war.The premise of armoured warfare rests on the ability of troops to penetrate conventional defensive lines through use of manoeuvre by armoured units Cara Ovpn Server Mikrotik Transformers 3 Pc Download Breath Of Fire 6 Download Thadaiyara Thaakka Movie Download In Isaimini How To Uninstall Armored Warfare Games; Source: The Mighty Jingles. Operation Stormy Winter, a particularly challenging Co-Op battle made insanely frustrating by clueless players blundering right into the Unleash Hell trigger point and getting all their teammates.

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Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in control of some of the most incredible, modern destructive machines to grace a battlefield Armored Warfare Official Global Operations Preview Trailer. Oct 7, 2016 - The PvP and PvE hybrid mode is now available on the public test server. Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare. 0:38. Armored. This week marks the third anniversary of the launch of Armored Warfare and My.com has big news for players: a new global server will be coming as soon as testing is complete. Players from around. Armored Warfare This decision was carefully thought through and required a hefty amount of work over the course of the past months, as it carries a large number of technical challenges and risks. Ultimately though, we are convinced we managed to overcome all of them and believe that the new state of the game will pave the way for the service to be even more enjoyable than before for years to come then your can find Armored warfare, click it. then select server window come. AW had several servers but now, as you know, except communist china server, there is only one amsterdam server. so just click it. . then you will got this screen. its not that important for now cuz anyway we will change it later. then you will got AW. now we will turn on mudfish. click connect button.(you need click.


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Armored Warfare Discord Server Actually a lot of people playing right now! They made a new Armored Warfare Discord! Hopefully I'll see more of you around in the days to come. Code: https://discord.gg/ZCnCR7W . 1 Whiskey Golf Being of Editing & Technical Assistance. Location Chained to my desk Apr 21, 2017 #1,354 Welp Tonkers, it's time to get back on the saddle and seize defeat from the jaws. Source: eNtaK Armored Warfare - FREE TO PLAY ON STEAM! ===== Armored Warfare Game Overview: Engage in tank action using the latest armored vehicles. Choose cooperative missions, PvP battles or our exclusive hybrid battle mode. Theaters ranging from desolate to urban, and crush your enemies on the modern. In Armored Warfare, you become a commande Felt like this needed it's own thread, for modern tanks and shit Gettysburg: Armored Warfare is a free-to-play online game that merges RTS and FPS gameplay. With technology brought from 2060 to try and change the course of U.S. history, players will enter an. When enabled, QoS allows you to set traffic priorities to the devices on your network, as well as traffic types. Bandwidth. Bandwidth is commonly thought of as speed, but it is really the number of bytes that can be transferred between locations over a set period, usually measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Most online games do not require.

Re: Armored Warfare Message par chema1994 » Ven 15 Août 2014 08:08 Leopard 2A4s were budget tanks, however for the armies that bought them it was a great improvement over the M48 and Leopard 1 fleets that they operated Armored Warfare Magyar Portál. 844 likes. Nyílt béta előre láthatólag Október 8 I want Armored Warfare to be good but I've heard some disparaging things from a friend in the current Alpha process. Basically the game is made by ex-WoT devs and that's what they're doing - recreating WoT with newer tanks down to some incredibly similar maps. This is in the face of a bunch of people telling them on the forums and in the chats that no, that's not what they want, they. Armored Warfare has been updated to bring Season 2: Arabian Nights into the game. Players will find new content across several chapters in war-hardened Magnus Holter's narrative along with new.

Eye of the Storm will make its appearance on the servers of Armored Warfare this summer! Full set of features introduced with Armored Warfare - Eye of the Storm: - New Progression Vehicles - Waterway PvP Map - PvP Map Overhauls - Ammunition Changes - Economy Changes - Garage UI Improvements - Visual Enhancement Program. Progression Vehicles: In the expansion, My.com are introducing a series. Armored Warfare Treats Players to First Look at Upcoming Expansion; Also Announces Title Availability on Steam Marketplace Beginning Nov. 10. My.com, developer and global publisher of Armored Warfare revealed today a first look at its next great expansion - Art of War which release later this year. Featuring a brand-new map set in the rural. Armored Warfare: Проект Армата. 123,864 likes · 18 talking about this. Официальное сообщество игры Armored Warfare: Проект Армата в Росси Armored Warfare ist ein taktisches free-to-play Massively-Multiplayer-Online Panzerspiel, das den Spieler in eine moderne Kriegswelt versetzt. Dort haben sie die Möglichkeit, die mächtigsten Zerstörungswerkzeuge der Menschheit auszuprobieren - von modernen Kampfpanzern bis hin zu Aufklärern. Sowohl im hitzigen PvP-Modus, sowie in einer Vielzahl von PvE-Missionen, kämpfen die Spieler mit.

All of these changes should make the Open Beta servers run smoothly. Obsidian Entertainment also teased upcoming Chinese vehicles, which will most likely be introduced to the game soon. Have fun playing! Source: Armored Warfare Twitter. Related: Armored Warfare, My.com, News, Obsidian Entertainment, Open Beta, Tactical Shooter, Tank The latest Armored Warfare has recently gone through an update which brings a number of quality of life improvements into the game as well as the new Frontline PvP map, a new PvE mission called Leviathan, an overhauled Snakebite mission, a new vehicle and some game mechanics changes as well. This patch prepares the way for the upcoming Balance 2.0 Obsidian Entertainment und My.com freuen sich das Datum für den Stress Test von Armored Warfare bekannt geben zu können. Der öffentliche Stress Test findet vom 24 - 25. September statt. Alle Spieler können daran teilnehmen und die neuen Spielinhalte ausprobieren, sowie sieben Tage Premium Zugang gewinnen Leave your game ID and Cosplay Photo of your Halloween in comment, we will random draw 3 lucky players to get Halloween Fashion Set for free. 【Event Time】 From now to Nov. 4th 23:59 PM (UTC) Formation: [Server-Your role ID-Your role name] Cosplay Photo of your Halloween Example: [Area S1-7005700000-JOJO]+Halloween Cosplay Photo TIPS: 1. How to find your Role ID: Click [your avatar] at the. Sie reduziert die Speicherauslastung der Armored-Warfare-Server. Sie macht, was noch wichtiger ist, das Spiel für die Spieler nachvollziehbarer. Um euch das anschaulicher zu machen - stellt euch vor, die Kollisionsmodelle wären genauso detailliert beschaffen, wie das visuelle Modell. Jedes kleinste Stück Metall oder gar jede Unebenheit der Oberfläche würde den Einschlag von Geschossen.

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Balance 2.0 is a catch-all for a set of changes and improvements coming to Armored Warfare in Update 0.19 based on community feedback, which solves the problems in high tier gameplay and alleviates the power creep between tiers throughout the game. Another major part of Balance 2.0 is the re-evaluation of every core gameplay mechanic, including: damage mechanics, class abilities, retrofits. Armored Warfare Requirements Published - Higher Than WoT. Posted on January 8, 2015 by Silentstalker. Hello everyone, on Russian server, minimum requirements were published for Armored Warfare. They are as such: Minimum: GPU: GeForce 8600 GTS RAM: 2GB CPU: Intel Core 2 duo., 2 - 2,1 GHz (model 2010-2011) System: Windows XP x86 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 7 x86. Recommended: GPU: GeForce GTS.

I just kept working toward that vision, I've been working on 'Armored Warfare' in some form since like late 2008 I believe ? Some features were dropped, originally I planned to have a 'Commander Mode', a single player on each side who would sit above even the RTS/FPS layers and would give general orders to players who will get global XP rewards for completing them Armored Warfare Promo Codes. COUPON (2 days ago) Armored Warfare Promo Codes. On this site you can get free Armored Warfare Promo Codes with 15000 Gold. In order to get a free code you have to complete few easy steps: Step 1: Tell the world about us by sharing this website on your favorite social network (Google+, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter) using the buttons at the bottom of the page Tactical tank combat game Armored Warfare is rolling towards a public stress test, set to begin on September 24 and last until September 26. The original time-frame was extended by 12 hours to introduce critical updates. Beyond pushing servers into overdrive the stress test will introduce players to new the ominous map titled Reactor, twelve new PvE missions, and other features as part of the. Its mostly love on NA server, which I like . Armored Warfare is a team-based action MMO tank game from My.com for the PC. Immerse yourself into the world of modern armored vehicle combat Total player count by date. Download CSV. PS4. 15,200,000 players (66%) earned at least one trophy. 69,000 accounts (0.3%) with nothing but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare [2019] 32 games the median number of.

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Update .10.1529 Premium Time Adjustment | Armored Warfare - Official Website Die Server sollen gegen 10 Uhr runterfahren und um 15 Uhr wieder online sein. Auch evtl hilfreich für manche ist dieses Album das zeigt wie man die T8 MBT's frontal knacken kann: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet . A. Arikus Software-Overclocker(in) 27. Oktober 2015 #123 Na das nenn ich doch mal Service. Entwickler Obsidian Entertainment und Publisher My.com haben weitere Informationen zum Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Tactical-Military-Spiel Armored Warfare veröffentlicht. So wird bereits am 3. September der fünfte Early-Access-Test von Armored Warfare starten, der neben neuen Karten, Fahrzeugen und verschiedenen Gameplay-Anpassungen auch Militärbasen in das Spiel integriert Battlelog is a free social platform that ties into Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 and lets you socialize, track stats, plan your next game, and more from your web browser - Armored Warfare Developer Q&A #18. Skip to content. 20 August 2021 . Facebook; Twitter ; Instagram; Youtube Channel This measure was forced by the PvP and Global Operations situation on the My.com server side - in the Russian region, both the PvP and the PvE modes are popular while the western regions put greater emphasis on PvE. A full PvP campaign would not be possible to complete. In Armored Warfare gibt es insgesamt 5 Panzerklassen. Die Panzerklassen in Armored Warfare sind dabei in verschiedenen Aufgabengebiete eingeteilt und nicht jeder Panzer eignet sich entsprechend für jede Aufgabe gleich gut. So gibt es Panzer die sich besser zum aufklären feindlicher Panzer eignen und wieder andere deren Stärke in der.

Armored Warfare. 51 items. Skyforge. 13 items. Gift Store. 37 items. Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure. 8 items. Discounted items. Vault Key. 40% 0.50 $ 0.30. 10-Battle Hero XP Card. 40% 0.50 $ 0.30. 10-Battle Unit XP Card. 40% 0.50 $ 0.30. Expansion Permit. 40% 0.99 $ 0.60. Unit Training Plan. 40% 0.99 $ 0.60. Cross-region Migration Token. 40% 4.99 $ 3.00. Martial Arts Manuscript. 40% 0.50 $ 0. A dark theme which looks surprisingly similar to another popular voice communication software. RandomHost. Read more Der Lanchester Panzerwagen war neben dem Rolls Royce das wohl bekannteste gepanzerte Fahrzeug zu Beginn des Ersten Weltkrieges. Dank Copper State Models können wir ihn nun in 1:35 nachbauen

Zhang Feng, Armored Warfare's latest Arms Dealer, will update player garages with Main Battle Tanks to change military conflict zones across the globe. There has not been a better time for players to engage in the challenging, fast-paced action of Armored Warfare Also, while armored warfare has the features while world of tanks doesn't, that may only mean a lot of bugs, since it's one of the first companies to have havoc working in a game, and server/client side bugs are easy to come by, doesn't matter if it's alpha/beta, if they can't fix it before release, the game is just going to be a better looking close with worse bugs Armored Warfare: Globale Operationen gestartet Obsidian Entertainment und My.com haben das Update 0.18 für Armored Warfare veröffentlicht (Change-Log). Es umfasst u.a. den Modus Globale.. Armored Warfare gratis spielen und das Schlachtfeld erobern Ziehe mit deinem Panzer ins Gefecht und erlebe in Armored Warfare heftige Schlachten mit viel Action! Im Free-to-Play Panzerspiel Armored Warfare.

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Saudi Presidency of State Security's (PSS) Special Security Force have acquired and already received an undisclosed number of Kozak-5 armored vehicles manufacturer Practika company. Practika's Kozak-5 Armored Vehicles products have passed state tests, are officially adopted by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard of Ukraine, and. Armored Warfare is a welcome addition to the tank battle genre. It brings the familiar elements from World of Tanks but adds its own subtle changes to both the gameplay and the freemium model, along with modern tanks and weaponry. As with other similar titles, it may not be for everyone, especially those looking for fast twitch-based games, as the gameplay can be a little ponderous until. Armored Warfare should get another try. Maybe they can improve the queueing time to the point I'd actually like to play. I don't know. Games To Be Released : Pokemon Go - This sounds like it might be fun. Travel to different spots in Meatspace, and collect various Pokemon. Fight virtual battles. Level up your Pokemon at a Gym, and acquire. Armored Warfare Oct 8, 2015 Wage war against players around the world with an unstoppable arsenal of powerful armored combat vehicles. Use 100+ vehicles to engage in furious PvP tank combat, complete co-op missions, and crush your enemies on breathtaking maps, from scorching deserts to neon-drenched urban jungles